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Fixing Leaking Showers and Balconies



Water damage is one of the problems that homeowners have to grapple with during the construction and remodeling of their houses. Water is one of the most destructive elements to concrete, masonry and natural stone. The best way to prevent the damage by water to your house is by waterproofing the surfaces that are prone to damage. One of the areas that are likely to be damaged by water is your deck and the balcony. Water leaking from the balcony will not only stain it, but also weaken the integrity of the structure. This is why leaking balcony repairs should not be delayed. The sooner a leaking balcony is repaired, the less damage will have been caused. There could be several reasons why your balcony is leaking. A balcony is one part of your house that is affected by most of the extreme weather elements. This could result in grout that is deteriorated and porous, skirting tiles that have cracks, movement of tiles and poor drainage, which all lead to a leaky balcony. So what are signs to look out for to determine that your balcony is leaking? Any of the following signs will indicate that your balcony is leaking. Cracked grout, stain on the balcony finishes, peeling paint, weak joints and tiles that are loose are all indications of a leaking balcony. Depending on the type of damage, leaking balconies can be repaired by use of a new waterproofing membrane and improving balcony drainage. Know The Ideal Water Proofing System for Balconies here!


The shower is another wet area in the house water damage is likely to occur. Sometimes, leaks in the shower are not easily spotted as they are silent. Silent leaks can still cause massive damage. Some of the damages caused by silent leaks include loose tile, as the water penetrates behind the tiles it damages the adhesive that holds the tiles making them loose. Another kind of damage is the growth of mould. Mould can cause health problems in the house. Other damages include damage to the paint, stained ceiling and walls, damaged timber and metal failure. Know The Damage Caused by Silent Leaks here!


Early signs of a shower leak include a musty smell, cracked grout and wet floors. When find the signs of leaks in the shower, it is time to get the leak fixed as soon as possible before the damage worsens. One way to fixing leaks in the shower is by sealing the entire shower using a special epoxy. Alternatively, the grout and tiles can be replaced. Sealants such as silicone can also be used to seal the leaks.


If you want to learn tips on how to fix leaks, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K04hoNWFV0.